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Keeping My Friends Close June 26, 2011

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Surprisingly, the hardest thing about having a new job for me has been leaving behind my old co-workers.   I stayed so long in a job I didn’t really love because I had a large number of really good people around me.  Now, it feels strangely lonely at work to not have everyone know me.   This is not to say that my new co-workers are not friendly.  Nor is this to say that I loved everyone at my old job.  But my comfort level and support network have been drastically altered, and it’s really draining.

So, when the weekends come, I am really excited to slip into easier associations.  This manifests itself in some unusual ways.  I have become kind of a social butterfly, scheduling all kinds of things with my friends in my off time.  I also can be somewhat melodramatic and clingy, which must be pretty annoying for Laura, who has to live with me through all of this.  I also overcompensated the feeling of ease at my cousin’s wedding last week and drank entirely too much gin – effectively proving that while I may love gin, it does not always love me back.

This weekend, I managed to squeeze in a lot of socializing with people who know me best.   Nights out with some of the guys I used spend all my time with are few and far between now that everyone is married, with children.  But last night, I sat in the bar, laughing and talking and reminiscing and joking with Jeff & Jeffrey in a way that is precious for how rare it has become.

Then today, I had brunch with the girls, catching up and planning ahead.  I love how we can always pick up exactly where we left off, no matter if a couple days or a couple months have passed.   I’m not sure if I really believed in high school that these friendships would have been so important to me when I became an adult, but it has been a happy surprise of my life to be surrounded by people who knew me when, and who know me best.

Additionally, I have been receiving the nicest emails and texts from numerous friends checking in and curious about how things are going.  The bistro crew and Andy have been great.   Of course, my old co-workers have been interested and supportive as well.  Stopping in last Monday, Melissa’s shouting was as flattering as it was uncomfortably attention-drawing.

And each day at work is made slightly easier by the thought that I have someone amazingly patient (even in my dramatic moments) and unbelievably supportive back home.  Laura makes my work days so much less daunting.

So, a big Sunday-night thank you to all my friends that have stuck with me through the craziness, and love me anyway.


2 Responses to “Keeping My Friends Close”

  1. richard parker Says:

    laura does sound quite amazing

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