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That Can’t Be Good For You July 26, 2011

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This morning, I watched Laura eat leftover chinese food with a Mountain Dew for breakfast.  When I mentioned how strange a thing that was to eat at that hour, she said it was the breakfast of champions.  I immediately pointed out that the true breakfast of champions is coffee and cigarettes.  Everybody knows that.  I practically survived on it in college.

But it got me thinking.  I quit smoking over two years ago now.  I rarely drink coffee anymore, especially in the morning, because it gives me heartburn.  And suddenly, I feel kind of old, like I’m a subdued version of my former self.  The thing is, I’m pretty okay with that.  I like this version of me.


One Response to “That Can’t Be Good For You”

  1. Laura Says:

    to save you from the need to post again, i thought i should announce that i had a smoothie and hard boiled egg for breakfast today. apparently hard boiled eggs do not fall under the heading of “appropriate breakfast foods as sanctioned by jessi.” while i am willing to say that leftover chinese may not be the most conventional breakfast (even though it’s delicious) i won’t bend on eggs. i mean they are the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast. who cares how they are prepared. i happen to like warm hard boiled eggs for breakfast…yum!

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